My Style - A Different Approach


​I believe people look best in photographs when they are shot NATURALLY - laughing, gazing at each other, having a chuckle over a joke. The key is to grasp whatever makes them feel COMFORTABLE. 

I believe in GENUINE TRUTHS conveyed simply for wedding photography. It is such an emotional day, it doesn’t need to be staged or contrived. I believe in letting the story unfold naturally and capturing the true moments of the day rather than trying to create anything artificial. Which is why when you look at my gallery, you’ll see many of the shots are reportage style.

My point of difference is that I don’t believe in art for art’s sake and thrusting my style on people. It’s not the Victoria Green show. It’s your big day, your party, your portrait sitting. The client brief comes first. And I spend a lot of time understanding what is wanted and what makes people feel most comfortable before taking the lens cap off.